3640 Words!

It’s my first day doing NaNo and I’ve done 3640 words!  It’s flowing quite well at the moment and I’m over my limit of 3000: I’ve planned 3,000 words a day in order to achieve 75,000 in a month.  So I’m quite pleased with that.  I work best in short bursts; and I usually work office hours: nine to five or thereabouts with a break for lunch and another for tea.  I’m not a midnight-oil person, nor am I a scribbling-at-3 am-person: over the years I’ve found that this pattern suits me best.  And I don’t work weekends: my brain needs the time to digest what I’ve done and come up with more stuff to do.

It has come to my attention that some people are attempting to write the whole 50k in one day.  This strikes me as very extreme and quite foolish, like trying to run up Everest or do six marathons at once, because merely climbing the damned mountain or doing the one marathon just isn’t enough.  Why?  Why would you do that?  I am very mistrustful of all these extreme activities.  Where does it get you?  At the end of it all you’re likely to have are, let’s face it, 50,000 words of gibberish, and it’ll take you all month to get over it.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and a novel wasn’t written in a day either.  A novel needs time and space to grow – and that’s why I give myself space in between working days; to let my mind digest what I’ve done and come up with more.

Things that grow need time, people!

Kirk out