Banging on Another Man’s Drum

I’ve been neglecting you my darlings, and I’m very sorry but I’ve been really busy what with NaNo-ing and performing at Embrace Arts and doing Sound Cafe and then Drinking and Thinking, not to mention Spanish and drumming, life is buzzing at the moment.  The performance at the Richard Attenborough Centre was great! – a compact and bijou audience but a terrific response and a magical atmosphere, so I came away feeling really good.  The drumming with Andrea worked really well, too.  Andrea, you must understand, is a man from Napoli who is utterly charming and very friendly and a total whiz on the drum.  He has a large African drum and a small one which he learned to play by the banks of the river in Naples.  He has accompanied me on two occasions now and it sounds great.

Nano-wise, I’m up to 67,000 which is more or less on target, but I shall have to do a bit over the weekend to finish.

Catch up soon!

Kirk out

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