I’m Mentioned in Dispatches!

Well, following on the Nanowrimo triumph, I had my quarterly copy of Mslexia in the post – and guess what?  My name is in there as one of the upcoming guest bloggers.



So hot on the heels of this, I sat down to write my first blog post for Mslexia.  Then I decided to write a poem about taxes.  Inspired by Billy Bragg’s ‘Talking with the Tax-Man about Poetry’


I began a poem about my feelings when I see those deadly brown envelopes which seep into the house and cause despair wherever they go.  So that helped me to feel better.  Apart from that and a few other bits and bobs, I am having a rest this week and tackling the damp.  Oh, the damp!  I thought that living in a house with central heating would mean there was no damp, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.  We have damp patches in the kitchen and spots on the bathroom ceiling as well as a couple of unnerving splodges which have appeared in the bedroom right above our heads.  Maybe it’s the letters from HMRC which are causing all the damp…

Stand by for my first blog-post on the Mslexia blog, coming up soon:


Kirk out

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