My Brain Is On Speed-dial and IFN10EX

Ouf!  My dears – I have had a bit of a morning of it.  It started well: I showered and was full of the joys of – where are we now?  Ah yes, Advent – then I came downstairs and realised we didn’t have any eggs, so popped down to the Co-op to get some – but, oh no! as soon as I shut the front door I realised I didn’t have my keys.  Not only did I lack keys, I lacked wallet, phone, glasses and everything essential to the maintenance of everyday life.  Mark had gone off to Nottingham and would be gone all day; Holly is in Bolton, so there was no option but to try to raise my comatose son.  But how?  I didn’t even have my phone on me.  But the neighbours were in, so I popped round and used their phone – and found I couldn’t remember his number.  This is what speed-dial does to your brain, people!  Then the neighbour had to go out so I spent half an hour chucking an empty baked-bean tin up at Daniel’s window.  No joy.  Down the road I hied me, all the way to Ann-Marie’s house.  Luca answered the door.  ‘Quick!’ I said.  ‘I’ve got an emergency!’

‘So have we,’ he said.  ‘Our rat has to go to the vet’s.’

But Ann-Marie lent me her phone and pointed me at the kitchen where I found the rudiments of breakfast while they took said rat to the vet; and having recalled Daniel’s number* I hit it again and again.  Eventually I woke him and by dint of yelling a bit, got him to go down and open the door.  Then I worried about whether Ann-Marie would be able to get back in the house if I left, so I put her door on the latch, rushed home to get my stuff and then rushed back again.  Phew!

It was only then that I remembered I was supposed to be meeting Mark’s Mum in town.  When I called, she was apparently stuck on the A6 awaiting a replacement bus as hers had broken down.  Are there any words more calculated to strike terror into the innocent passenger’s heart than ‘replacement bus’?  She was getting very fed up, so once I’d got myself, my keys and my eggs home I called her again and we agreed to reschedule.


So that’s me – how about you?  Have a good weekend?  I did: on Saturday I slept most of the day, then got up and had a bath; then in the evening I did a gig with Andrea for Amnesty.  Then yesterday I went over to the Martyrs for the Christingle service, back again to Peter’s where I once more fell asleep before heading out to Duffy’s for a music circle which failed to materialise.  We may have to rethink this…

Kirk out (and back in again)

*incidentally we have a friend called Graham and whenever I talk about ‘Graham’s number’ Mark goes into paroxysms of laughter.


2 thoughts on “My Brain Is On Speed-dial and IFN10EX

  1. ok, i got suckered into grahams number……………it sounds like something from hitchikers guide to the galaxy ! I once left my keys in the outside lock of my studio complex which meant I couldnt get out as the security device was also on it so i couldnt log out and open the door. It was in the evening, but luckily there was just one person in the whole building who looked at me strangely and then let me out in order to come back in again!!!

    on another note, your lizardyoga page seems to have developed either dandruff or shooting stars……

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