Meteor Drip

Last night there was a meteor shower said to be clearly visible in the night sky in Gemini.  We didn’t really think we’d get to see anything, not living in the city, but around 10 pm we went out anyway and as luck would have it, the sky was very, very clear.  I haven’t seen that many stars in a long time.  Mind you, I’ll never forget being somewhere right out in the sticks and going out at night and feeling utterly overwhelmed by the number of lights I could see in the sky.  They seemed so close, it was almost as if they were in your face.  I saw clusters and constellations and far-off lights I had never even glimpsed before.  I had no idea what any of them were.

Last night as we went out we could see a number of familiar constellations.  ‘Look, there’s the Plough,’ I said.

‘That’s Orion,’ retorted Mark.

‘Oh.  Well, Mars is bright tonight,’ I observed.

‘That’s Betelgeuse,’ he informed me.  So much for my astronomical knowledge.  Clearly I haven’t inherited my Mum’s ability to discern heavenly bodies: she was really into astronomy; she worshipped Patrick Moore and always watched The Sky at Night before watching the sky at night.

I can’t think of a better meditation than looking at the stars; and after just a few minutes, having located Castor and Pollux we saw a meteor streak across the sky, and then another.  Mark saw several, but I only glimpsed a couple – more a meteor drip than a meteor shower, but still an awesome sight.

Kirk out