Is It Safe To Go Back To The Pub?

Our Christmas lights are up – and whether it’s because putting ours up has made me notice other people’s, I don’t know – but it looks as if everyone else put theirs up on the same day.  We don’t observe the traditional rules about putting up decorations, which I think is to do them on Christmas Eve, but we do generally take them down by Twelfth Night.  I have a packed programme of seasonal engagements coming up; family meals, guests for Christmas dinner, carols by candlelight, shared lunch at the Quakers, plus a Solstice celebration – and tonight, a meeting of the Artbeat planning group which will end up at the Cradock.  It’s the first time I’ve been to our local pub since that ill-fated night when Mark and I went and were propositioned by a man who reminded us of a much slimmer Richard Griffiths in ‘Withnail and I’

but I think it may be safe to go back to the pub.  Anyway, here’s our tree:

which I think you’ll agree is very pretty.  Apart from the tree we have some lights up at the window and of course cards on every available surface.  I’ve sent out poems with this year’s cards; copies of one I wrote specially called ‘The Square Sparrow’ (being an antidote to the usual round robin which bores the pants of everyone:)

It begins:

Quite suddenly the year began

at midnight on the first of Jan

boxes filling in a panic

house resembling the Titanic

– we were moving in a week

and stuff was playing hide-and-seek.

Kirk out


2 thoughts on “Is It Safe To Go Back To The Pub?

  1. At our age the round robin is a means of receiving info. about who’s popped off or who’s about to: valuable feedback for the Christmas card list. And then there’s the challenge of being able to show off modestly, providing of course that you have something to show off about.

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