Shaking, Rattling and Being on a Roll

I am unreasonably, excessively happy at the moment.  The cause?  I have just sorted out a problem with the central heating.  I know that doesn’t sound like much cause for deep rejoicing but somehow the sense of empowerment that I could actually suss out what was going on and find out how to deal with it and deal with it! – all without having to call in an engineer, has made me high as a kite.

OK well, if I’m honest I had help on this one.  For a few weeks now after coming on the boiler has been making a rather fearsome rattling noise.  Mark makes a similar noise in the mornings but it goes away after the application of coffee: I did not think this solution would work with the boiler.  But it was starting to unnerve me.  What if it was a death rattle?  What if it was the prelude to the thing blowing up and scattering boiling water all over the kitchen?  So I consulted my Facebook friends.  The consensus was that it was down to the pressure; on looking at the gauge I saw it was at zero.  Oh dear.  Steve opined that the boiler would need to be topped up.

Now, I relish these jobs about as much as root-canal work, since I don’t have a lot of confidence in my ability to do it right.  So I checked the company’s website where they had a helpful video on how to top up your boiler using a hose which ought to be located nearby.  I couldn’t find a hose but did see a little valve.  I wonder? I thought.  I turned it gingerly, wincing, and heard the rush of water.  Then I had a sudden panic: what if I’m emptying the boiler and not filling it?  So I called the helpline, got straight through (!!!) and was told quite simply and straightforwardly that this was indeed the right thing to do, so off I popped and did it and Bob was most definitely my uncle.

Deep joy.

I went and worked in the library this morning as it was so cold.  Twelve degrees in the kitchen (twelve!  That’s fifty-three in the old money) and in the library it must have been about twenty-five (77).  Lovely.  The radio play is taking shape.

Kirk out



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