Eighteen Years Ago Today

Eighteen years ago today I was probably in bed with a small hungry mammal sucking all the moisture out of my body.  Daniel was a very sweet baby but a very hungry one, and for most of his life he has been quite focussed on food.  It’s a wonder he’s not overweight, really.  Hard to believe he is actually legally an adult now, though; and that in spite of being disappointed by his friends not turning up he seems to have had a good day, meeting his grandma in town and then going to spend all his birthday money.  He is now the proud owner of an ‘as new’ monitor and will soon be in possession of a PS3, courtesy of Holly’s boyfriend.  Tonight we will be having take-away pizza as god intended; he will not, however, be going to the pub like most people on reaching their 18th: my son is unusually anti-alcohol and once called us from a party to complain that everyone was getting drunk and it made him feel uncomfortable.  He’s no son of mine…  so anyway, today we all went into town and hung out at Cafe Nero for a while before Daniel went to spend all his money at various technological emporia.


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