Decapitated Coffee

Sometimes a phrase will come to me and I have to write it down somewhere – that one came while I was having breakfast and since I’d left my notebook upstairs I’m putting it on here. Maybe it will resolve itself into something meaningful by the end of this post…

Here’s a photo of yesterday’s ‘Je Suis Charlie’ rally at the Clock Tower: it wasn’t a bad turnout considering we only had about 2 days’ notice.  Everyone was given a pencil and a candle:

Not much happened – it would have been good if someone had brought a mic and amp as a representative of the Indian Workers’ Association made a speech which no-one could hear.  It would have been good, too, to have some songs and poetry… but as I say, they only had two days to organise it, so getting around 100 people there was not too bad.

I arrived in town early and lurked in Clark’s pretending to look at shoes, not realising that Mark was also lurking in Costa having a coffee.  Perhaps, in honour of the occasion, it was a decapitated coffee?

Maybe he was sitting on what Holly used to call ‘invitable furniture’.  We had a huge blue inflatable sofa at one time, as well as a squashy red armchair.  Sadly they did not last long…

There are some more comments on my Mslexia blog, all supportive, so thanks all!

Kirk out


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