Good Morning America, How Are Ya?

Good morning my dears and how are you all?  I’ve been away for a few days in the tourist Mecca that is Barrow-on-Soar and also sampling the Loughborough micro-climate.  Before that I was staying with my good friend Stephen who does a great line in Middle-Eastern hospitality and before that I was at Peter’s.  I am very much appreciating being able to stay with friends and get some space.  Don’t worry: nothing terrible’s happening.  It’s just that I wasn’t sleeping and I needed some time away.

Incidentally, the Loughborough micro-climate is an actual phenomenon.  Many’s the time I’ve observed it when, coming from Leicester where it’s dry you cross a line of rain which starts at the outskirts of Loughborough – or conversely, a line where the rain stops.  It can be wet all over the county and dry in Loughborough – or vice versa.  You just never know what you’re going to find.

It’s freezing here in Leicester though: I don’t think I’ve got warm since I left Jan’s flat this morning.  I went down to the station for the eleven o’clock train and waited for ten minutes before they announced it was cancelled.  I swore out loud; then stomped off into the village where I found a delightful cafe which kept me going until it was time to head out for the twelve o’clock train.  These trains are, by and large, one of the success stories of public transport in the area, a case where a line has been reopened (!!!) and now serves several villages whilst also connecting Leicester (eventually) to Lincoln.  I got on the little two-coach train and discovered it was almost as cold on it as off it.  I was, however, amused by the announcer saying we were stopping at Silby and Siston (instead of Sileby and Syston).  Sounds like a firm of plumbers, I thought.  I also cringed at the way they kept saying ‘We will shortly be arriving into…’  Ugh!  I hate that sort of expression.

So we arrived into Leicester and I arrived into a cold bus-stop where I found I would have to wait a while, so I arrived into a slightly warmer W H Smith’s where I found a card for a friend.  The bus, when it arrived, was warmish, but the house was emphatically not.  12 degrees in the kitchen, if you please!

I do not please.

It still hasn’t warmed up properly.

Anyway, what have you all been up to?

I’ve been writing snatches of poetry, such as these:

The man walks towards the timetable so determinedly I think he’s going to walk right through it.

A collection of yellow guards’ vans yolked together

Celebrities are currency

that you can spend at parties.

Happy Mondays!

Kirk out


2 thoughts on “Good Morning America, How Are Ya?

  1. Glad to read your update. I totally understand why you need some space. The mental turmoil that you call an existence, would have defeated lesser mortals. When your blog goes silent, it causes concern far and wide.

    White van man is alive and driving down roads not to far from you. I can vouch for the temperature this am. It was very cold in Lincolnshire. I am currently in Bicester waiting to start my parcel shop collections. 16 co ops spread from here to Moreton in marsh, and down to Brize Norton.
    I am going to have an evening off tonight.
    It is Elliott’s birthday tomorrow. 25, if all goes well he will collect his own van next week.

    Take care as always.


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