Take the Last Train to Clarksonville

Well, it’s official – he’s out.  It has been decided that Clarkson did indeed abuse and physically assault his producer and therefore he has been sacked.  Whatever you think of his wild and whacky style of presentation I’m sure most people would agree that assaulting one’s producer is Just Not Cricket and frankly shows a lack of self-control consistent with the behaviour of the average three-year-old.  To be peed off after a long day when there is no food provided, might be considered understandable; however to have a tantrum just because there was no hot food, is immature.  Were they in the middle of the desert?  Were there no take-away pizzas within reach?  And if not, would it really be so terrible to eat cold food?

I think he needs a taste of reality.  Lots of people have to put up with insufficient food or meals that are not at all what they would like, at the end of a working day.  It’s time he got a grip.

I was thinking they should get a woman on now to present the show.  Mark reminded me that Angela Rippon once fronted it; perhaps they could get Jenni Murray of Woman’s Hour?  I think she’d do a great job…

I have been to sunny Loughborough today.  It’s a funny old town, home to the nation’s sports’ and PE students (do they call it PE nowadays?) as well as to some now-defunct heavy industry, commemorated by a Bell Foundry Museum and various vast bits of rusting iron masquerading as sculptures.  It’s a low-lying town and the Grand Union canal runs through it, making the tow-path a great place to walk in summer and watch the boats go by or visit the inns along the waterside.  At weekends the Great Central Railway steams up to the outskirts of Leicester and back again, complete with grown men (and women) having a whale of a time dressing up, oiling engines and blowing whistles.  Give me this any day and you can keep your fancy gas-guzzling cars and off-roading speed-freaks.

Tonight we will be discussing the hot topic ‘What is Democracy?’ at Drink and Think.  Join us – Ale Wagon at 8

Kirk out