Do You Suffer from Horizontigo?

It’s seriously twirly here in blogland this morning. I’ve been awake since 4 am and that’s it: I’m not getting back to sleep now.  I’ve been downstairs and meditated and even taken a walk in the garden, and it’s lovely.

Last night I watched Dances with Wolves again.  I was deeply in love with Kevin Costner at the time, but now I find that what’s stunning about it is the scenery.  We just don’t have skies like that over England: huge skies where the horizon is everywhere, like landing on another planet.  Over here the horizon is short, occluded by trees or mountains or houses or the sea. Just as well really otherwise we’d all suffer from horizontigo.  That’s what you get when you look at something very far away.

So, today I shall be mostly… trying to cope with fatigue and I guess doing some writing.  And trying to persuade Himself to mow the lawn…

Kirk out