En’t Hospitals Brilliant?

Casualty does not disappoint!  Just like patients in the ED, a new series comes hard on the heels of the old, and brings with it a blast from the past when the agency nurse turns out to be none other than…. da-da-DAH! – Duffy!  Yes, not looking a day older than when she left, Duffy is back and soon running the department, telling Jacob off, having words with Dylan and generally throwing her weight around.

It’s the aftermath of the wedding, and Zoe is lying in the bed she made while Max is skulking around and threatening to go to the Maldives on his own.  Meanwhile Dylan charges in and lays down the law to a pregnant woman and her husband whilst still wrapped in bandages and with burn marks on his forehead; while the rest of the staff are gathered round Charlie.  Yes, Charlie, the hero of the hour, has been asystolic for a quarter of a century now.  Surely he can’t survive?  Connie has broken both arms trying to resuscitate him and everyone has given him up for lost.  Rita is on the point of pronouncing the fateful words ‘time of death…’ when – hey! is that a flicker of the eyelids?  Can Charlie’s eyeballs be preparing to start swivelling again?

Of course they are!  His heart was just resting, that’s all.  Charlie’s back – and while the rest of the ED is in meltdown with gang fights and stabbings and lockdowns, Charlie and Duffy share a moment so poignant that his eyeballs almost stay still for several minutes.


And in a real-life follow-up, I have spent today going backwards and forwards to the General; first for a scan and then to accompany Daniel to a session.  It has been arduous; I cycled to my appointment this morning but decided it was too far to walk with Daniel so we got the Hospital Hopper.  The sides of the bus have larger-than-life figures of doctors and nurses on, which makes it look creepy and weird.

In other news, a story I’m writing called ‘All That Jizz’ has just been ruined by Mark telling me that the word has a totally different meaning from the one I had in mind.  It does mean the shape of a bird by which you can recognise it, but that’s not all it means.  I don’t know what to do now…


Suggestions below please…

Kirk out


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One response to “En’t Hospitals Brilliant?

  1. well, you could leave it and feign ignorance, or you could say it was meant to be ironic, or you could change the title to something else. All that JEEZ, for instance.

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