Oo! Suit You , Sir! And Would You Like Bias With That?

OK now here’s a question for you: are the media biassed?

If you answered ‘Duh!’ then you are probably on the Left somewhere.  The BBC never shuts up about Jeremy Corbyn being ‘left-wing,’ though they never described Tony Blair – or even David Cameron – as ‘right-wing’.  However, perversely, Nigel Farage routinely describes the Beeb as ‘left-wing’ which sort of boggles the mind a tad.

The question is easier to answer when it comes to the press.  All you have to do is ask ‘Cui bono?’ – in other words, who stands to profit from selling the paper? – and there’s your answer.  The more papers owned by the likes of Murdoch, the more right-wing the press tends to be.  And the more they side-step the issues and go on about Corbyn’s dress-sense and the donkey-jackets he might bring out when the weather gets colder.

It’s particularly noticeable when you get someone like Corbyn in a position of leadership.  But I have a sneaking hope.  It may be far-fetched – it probably is; it could well be utopian and it’s almost certainly fanciful: but I have the feeling that Corbyn won not only because of his integrity and lack of spin, but because he got out there and spoke directly to people.  He didn’t have a spin-doctor or image manager – he spoke to people in words they could relate to, and he said what he believed in.  He got into trouble for refusing to sing the National Anthem, but as a veteran who was present commented, he stood in respectful silence unlike the Secretary of Defence who was looking around trying to catch the cameras.  Corbyn is no hypocrite, and I respect that.  So I have a sneaking suspicion that he may end up simply side-stepping the media and appealing to people directly.

God knows, somebody needs to.  They get in the way of so much…

I had a very vivid dream last night which I think was inspired by Jeremy: I was driving a DMU.  Remember those?  The little chugging diesel multiple units which used to run everywhere in the ’70’s?

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One response to “Oo! Suit You , Sir! And Would You Like Bias With That?

  1. Graham Price

    I think the BBC are probably out to get him, for a couple of reasons. One is his perceived anti-Israeli stance (which some idiots have interpreted – of course -as anti-semitism); and his apparent willingness to campaign against continued EU membership if Cameron secure opt-out clauses on workers’ rights. The BBC is a deeply Euro-centric organisation, so this would be seen as rocking the boat. I read today that Corbyn has expressed an unwillingness for the the UK to leave the EU, so maybe they’ll ay of him on this one.

    Corbyn has impressed me so far: he’s passionate without seeming angry (unlike Kinnock) and he genuinely doesn’t seem to give a toss about what people think of him personally. I think not wanting to be ‘liked’ is of long-term advantage in politics. Most importantly, he is not trying to be something he is patently not (which was Miliband’s big mistake and, to a lesser extent, Brown’s): I think the public are savvy enough to distinguish a genuine person from a shyster most of the time, even though Blair managed to pull the wool over most peoples’ eyes.

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