Humankind Cannot Bear Too Much Reality TV

I bought the Big Issue today – something I don’t do very often because I don’t usually have £2.50 to spare – and in it, a reviewer was blasting the Beeb for not doing much drama.  I have to say, you can criticise them for doing too much ‘reality’ (humankind cannot bear too much reality TV) but not for insufficient drama: a trawl through the iplayer category throws up dozens of offerings and some of them are actually good.

A couple I’ve watched in the last week were ‘Doctor Foster’ and ‘An Inspector Calls’.  I thought I’d seen the JB Priestley play before but I don’t think I have, since I don’t remember it.  (Mind you, that doesn’t mean much these days – it’s only by reading this blog that I can recall what I did yesterday).  Still I have to report that I was disappointed.  It was a good cast including Ken Stott, Miranda Richardson and David (Remus Lupin) Thewlis but I found the play somewhat contrived and the ending confusing.  Plus, I hadn’t realised Ken Stott had gotten so fat – or was that just for the role?  (I still haven’t caught up with him playing Rebus).  Anyway, the play concerns a rich family who have all in different ways screwed up a working woman’s life and at the end there’s a sort of time-slip.  It’s still on i-player, as is the new series Doctor Foster.

I found this compelling but frustrating.  The doctor, a ‘good woman’, finds out that her husband is having an affair – but instead of talking to him she goes straight into revenge mode and then when he doesn’t even notice that she’s packed his bags and put them by the door, she goes straight back into doormat mode.  There’s not nearly enough about their marriage and very little about them as people to explain why they are behaving like this; plus, I’m getting rather sick of marital infidelity being a staple of TV drama.  It’s practically routine and it can make you feel that everyone’s at it.

Which they ain’t.

Anyway here are the links:

Oh!  and I know what I was going to tell you: this morning as I was buying bits and pieces for the samosa chaat Mark is going to make tonight, I had planned to look for some wine.  Then I decided to buy a Big Issue instead.  ‘If I need the wine it will come to me,’ I thought.

I went home with some soya yoghurt but sans the sev which is unavailable in Clarendon Park, especially if you don’t pronounce it correctly (sehw not sev).  About an hour later a patient of Mark’s turned up to fetch some medicine.  She entered the kitchen with a bottle of wine.  ‘I’ve brought this for you,’ she said.  ‘It was just hanging around at home.’

I know how it feels.

Off for a walk now,

Kirk out

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