Cups for Walking Down the Street…

I know I keep coming back to Ever-Decreasing Circles – it’s probably something about the nature of the series, but a line from it popped into my head today as I was wishing that there was a medal I could get for breaking 50,000 words of my novel.  I know if it was November I could have uploaded it to NaNoWriMo and printed myself a certificate, but it’s September (not that Mark can tell the difference: I’m due to give a talk on Quakerism to ‘You and Me’ friendship group at the Martyrs and he told me it was in September, so I was getting ready for that when the woman in charge told me it was November.

‘I knew it was an ember,’ he protested.

‘Yes, but you couldn’t remember which ember,’ I quipped.

Oh how we laughed.)

but to write 50K in just seven weeks seems worthy of some kind of recognition, I think.

So, to return to EDC; Martin is counting on winning the cup for playing snooker, as he has defeated Paul and has only to beat Howard.  Before he plays Paul, Martin is convinced he’ll lose, since Paul beats him at everything.  ‘I’ve never won a cup for anything,’ says Martin ruefully.  ‘I bet he’s got loads of cups.  Cups for smiling.  Cups for walking down the street…’

Here’s the scene:

I gave away my DVD’s as I was watching them obsessively.  I miss them now…

Kirk out



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2 responses to “Cups for Walking Down the Street…

  1. ah, yes, ever decreasing circles…………magic……tragic character, hard pressed but loving wife……………ring any bells?

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