Success is Such Sweet Sorrow

Well, my dears – I have finally some good news to report, and it is this: I have had a short story accepted for publication.  It was accepted provisionally a while ago and they asked me to make some changes, which I did; and now they have come back to me and said it will be published in a few weeks.  I’ll let you know where and when.

Still, I could have done without the accompanying comments from the editorial team telling me what was still wrong with it so I could have the ‘opportunity’ to put it right.  Opportunity knocks, LOL.  Well, I took a deep breath and made a couple of changes before sending it back – but it does rather take the shine off the whole thing.

And soon a few quid will be thunking into my paypal account.  What’ll I do with that few quid?  Chuck a few more koi carp in my piano-shaped pond?  Add an acre to the grounds?  Build a wing of the National Gallery with my name on it?  No, my name is not Bernard Black.

So I’ll probably buy a bottle of wine or maybe a pizza.  Or maybe I’ll just let it sit defencelessly in my bank account until it gets gobbled up by some utilities company or other.


In other news, I have just purchased a rather fetching spice rack (though rack is hardly the word; it’s more of a turntable like one of those CD racks with four sides to it.)  Anyway, it was originally from John Lewis and it has embossed labels on the lids so you can tell what’s inside.  I think it holds about 30 jars, most of them with something in.  The local Facebook group has some good stuff!

Kirk out


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