Every Day is Fiction

Many of you have been kind enough to read my story on www.everydayfiction.com about a mattress which absorbs your thoughts and feelings and ‘remembers’ them.  I was quite pleased with the story and even though EDF wanted some changes which, within a strict 1000 word-limit, were hard to accomplish, I am pleased with the result.

I went through a phase of writing slightly surreal stories where everyday objects interact with the brain to produce surprising results: another tale I’m working on at the moment is about knitting with videotape (yes, this is an actual thing and I’ve seen it done) and absorbing the images and memories from the tapes.  The main character in that story has lost two children in a car-crash and in this case the bag she makes from old family tapes, helps with the healing process.

I’m not going to tell you what it’s called because I’m quite proud of the title: the EDF story is called ‘Mem Mat’ and it was published yesterday.

Please go and have a look and either comment on here or (better still) on the actual site.

Kirk out

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