Arse Over What?

I’ve never known if the phrase is ‘arse over tip’ or ‘arse over tit’ but whichever it is, Mark went arse over it yesterday.  A stray paving-stone plus running for traffic lights equals wham! and over he went.  I heard him go and rushed back; it probably looked worse than it was, but he was flat on the ground and struggling to move for a moment.  While I bent at his side a cyclist compassionately swerved around us and charged off (thanks, mate) but the next moment a young Asian bloke restored my faith in humanity by stopping and asking if he was OK.  He was, basically, just a few cuts to the eye and lip, so we hastened on to the Friends’ Meeting House where we could lay our hands on a First Aid Kit.  He was a bit shaken up though and we got a lift home.

This morning his rib is hurting and he’s gone to the doc to get it checked out.  His comment on Facebook: ‘It reminds me of the ontic and the ontological in Heidegger.’

Man goes to hospital with a broken leg.  Doctor asks how he’s feeling.

‘Well, doctor, at a time like this I always think of Heidegger….’


Anyway, Quaker Quest last night was about peace, and provoked some interesting discussion.  The question is clear – how do we achieve peace?  I’m no nearer finding any answers, though.

Today I am also thinking about Karl Andree.  Karl has been living in Saudi Arabia and last year he was caught with some home-made wine in the boot of his car.  He has been in prison for a year and may now be given 360 lashes.  Mr Andree is 74; he has survived cancer, is asthmatic and has gout.

I make no further comment.  The story speaks for itself.

Kirk out


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3 responses to “Arse Over What?

  1. if you must live in an alcohol free country, dont drink alcohol. The punishment may be excessive but he knew what he was doing. As for Heideggers pet, hope all is better now. There will be rib pain for a while I guess. You were lucky somebody actually stopped to help. The two times I crashed my cycle NOBODY stopped to offer a hand. This is why peace will never be achieved for the human race. The most you can hope for is personal peace.

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