Dead Can Dance

I hadn’t really come across this duo before but I recognised a track this morning from when OH played a trailer for Ran, the Japanese version of Lear.  It’s a song that lifts the top of your head off and once I’d heard it again I had to find out where it was from.  And here it is on youtube:

I was dancing to it this morning.  Sometimes I do a form of yoga dance (Shiva Rea) which is a combination of yoga and tai chi and some moves of my own.  It’s very free-form and it’s started me off thinking about bringing some movement and dance into my poetry performances.  There’s a lot of scope for creativity there I think.

Sooooooooooooo the clocks went back last night, which means that I am speaking to you at four minutes past ten (though you may be reading me later or earlier depending on which time-zone you are inhabiting.  I am currently inhabiting the Extremely Crabby time zone because not only did I not sleep well but having remembered all day about the clocks I didn’t actually do anything about it at night.  Memory subs for actually doing.  So I woke up early and waited for it to be seven, then wondered why OH hadn’t got up and made tea.


As Stewie would say.  I love that baby.

Still, at least the cooker is now correct.

Off to Quake now for a bit.

Kirk out

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