Tempus Wotsit

How the tempus doth fugit!  Already it’s been four days since my last entry (bless, me father for I have sinned; it’s been four days since my last confession) and I don’t know where the weekend has gone.  Actually now that I think about it I do: it was because Holly was visiting and I spent most of the time with her.  We went shopping and then to my favourite cafe in town, the Deli in Silver Arcade.  If you haven’t been there yet, you must – it’s a lovely setting and they do proper teas as well as a range of soft drinks, plus they sell local beers, wines and cheeses.


And here’s a picture of Silver Arcade.  It’s such a beautiful place, and so sad that more of the units aren’t rented out.


Now, to all my new readers and followers, welcome.  I’m glad to have you aboard especially those who have joined via the insecure writers forum.  It’s good to share insecurities as we spend so much time trying to big ourselves up and sell our work.  I have some interesting followers now: check out Ula’s site:


and Benham’s, which shows how to make something I had on holiday in Southwold, namely vegetarian ‘fish’ and chips using haloumi:


It’s great to have followers.  I’ve got more than Jesus now – at least, more than when he was alive.


Happy Monday

Kirk out


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