The Queen’s Speech? What a Charade!

Dear Friends,

Many of you seem to have enjoyed my Vicarage Christmas account – but I’ve just realised, I forgot one vital thing.  The Queen’s Speech!  How could I forget that?  It was an integral part of the day, ironed into the schedule and meaning that lunch – or at least one course of it – must finish by three pm.  So, at the hour God intended, we gathered round the TV which was turned on just for these ten holy minutes – though I longed to watch the Christmas Top of the Pops – and then, with a collective sigh from my mother, my aunt and my grandmother about how wonderful the Queen is, the set went blank again.

After a while we took to having dinner in two stages; first course, the Queen, then pudding.

I also forgot to mention the Christmas cake, which was taken with tea at around five or six, after which the evening got under way.  And as for the games, I forgot about charades.  If you don’t know what charades is, it’s basically Give us a Clue – you act out a book or a film or a TV series and the other team have to guess what it is.  Great fun.

They don’t know they’re born these days…

Bear in mind, won’t you, that since I’m still not on Facebook, if you don’t comment on here I will miss your lovely thoughts?

Kirk out


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