Bent veg? Yes we can!

It appears that in response to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s lovely curls, Morrison’s have decided to sell curly and wonky veg.  They’re selling them at a discount, which is what I thought they should do all along – much more sensible than wasting them, and giving poorer customers a chance to economise – just goes to show what setting up your own stall in their car-park and televising the whole event, can achieve.  They state that the discount is to reflect the extra time customers will need in order to peel the veg.


You never peel veg!  Who peels veg?  You wash them and cut them up, for goodness sake.  And I mean that literally, because all the vitamins are in the peel.

Ye gods!

Anyway, that is good news, but it’s only the start.  We need to keep the pressure up.

Another good bit of news is just how much carrier-bag wastage has been reduced since the 5 p charge came in.  Mark had to clear the churchyard of rubbish today (just stuff that’s blown in , not that’s been deliberately thrown there) and he said there were no carrier bags apart from one really old and tattered one.  So that’s good news.

Plus, yesterday’s election in Spain, although it put the conservatives back in by a whisper, also took away their majority and gave great gains to a radical left-wing party, Podemos.  The so-called Socialists, PSOE, which have been in existence (and largely in government) since the end of Franco’s dictatorship, have been widely discredited and now Podemos (‘We Can’) has come along with a radical anti-austerity programme, rather like Jeremy Corbyn’s policies.  So it is an interesting situation and from a left-wing point of view, a heartening one.

Tomorrow is the winter solstice, which I am planning to mark in some way, if only by doing a meditation at dusk.  It is important to note these occasions I think.

Apart from that I am, astonishingly, ready for Christmas.  The cards are sent, the presents wrapped, the shopping bought and the Christmas dinner planned.

So that’s that.


Kirk out