Appy New Year

Wow.  Already five days have passed since I last posted.  I hope you had a good Christmas, as I did: the day passed very pleasantly in a haze of Cava (bought straight from the Cavery, ha ha) a blizzard of nut-roast, a fog of veggie sausages and a perfect storm of roast potatoes, parsnips and sprouts, all topped off with delicious cranberry sauce.  Then after a quick game of cribbage came the pudding, the mince pies and the custard.

Wow.  I was full.

I got some great presents but highlight of the day was seeing Daniel open his cunningly-disguised ukulele* and start to play.  Brill.  I mainly got a selection of tokens which I shall shortly convert into a supply of books and DVD’s.  I also got the latest Ian Rankin from OH, which is every bit as good as the others.

Dr Who was good, I thought, and it was fun playing cribbage.  I hadn’t played for years and it was surprising how quickly it all came back.

The last two or three days I’ve been going for walks; today’s included a trot round Knighton Park feeling very smug in the mud in my walking boots, and a trek up Welford Rd and round to Fingerprints – a total of nearly five miles, according to the online app I used afterwards.


Hope you’re all enjoying what my friend Chris calls ‘Twixtmas.’  See you all soon…

Kirk out

*wrapped to resemble some kind of malformed Dalek

2 thoughts on “Appy New Year

  1. Glad you had a stress free day, and yes, hurry back ! (from wherever it is you think you went to). Im not sure about Doctor Who? to be honest. He started off as a really quirky chap, but gradually he has changed into a serious doctor………

    1. Thanks.  Not sure I’ll be back on Facebook, to be honest.  And I like the new Doctor – I think it was in danger of getting a little frivolous.  I think William Hartnell was quite serious, as was Patrick Troughton (my first doctor)

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