Adventures with my Friends in Cyberspace

Oh my god!  I cannot believe it’s nearly 2016!  I’ve spent such a long time thinking that 2016 is way wayyyyy in the future that it’s kinda crept up on me.  It’s always the same – every year that extra digit just creeps up so slowly you don’t notice it’s coming.  I mean, you know there’s a new year right around the corner, but somehow it just doesn’t dawn on you that the new year is going to be – well, another year on.  You are going to be a year older, your children are going to be a year older and your silver wedding anniversary (oh god oh god oh god) draws ever closer.

O M G!!!

So I’ve been watching a lot of ‘Friends’ recently – just because it’s good to chill out to – as well as going for long walks and today, listening to the cast of The Archers perform in ‘Calendar Girls.’  I love the film and this was a good production but I was struck by the absence of key members of the cast, notably Tim Bentinck; as well as the women who play Ruth and her mother-in-law Jill – and I can’t help wondering if they are as fed up as the rest of us with the way the series is going.  Ruth seems to be away every time I happen to catch an episode, and I can’t help feeling that maybe she’s taking some time out and that also Bentinck would like to get free of his contract asap.  They also missed a great opportunity to have the actors playing Rob and Helen in ‘The Archers’ as Ruth and her philandering husband in ‘Calendar Girls’.  But it was fun and I managed to clean all the mud off my boots and polish them while listening: one of the great advantages that radio has over television.

So: whilst doing all that, my brain has been active.  Mark has just finished reading a book he bought with his Xmas token, called ‘Adventures with the Wife in Space’.  The book was compiled from a blog; a blog written over many years, bit by bit, day by day, building into a fascinating compendium of anecdote and humour* as it tells the story of a geek’s attempt to interest his wife in the adventures of Dr Who.

And then it turned into a book!  And that started me thinking: if he can do it, so can I: all I need is an angle to interest publishers, and I can turn this blog into a book!

Watch this space folks.

You may even find your comments featuring in the book, if you play your cards right.

Kirk out

*this makes it sound like one of those magazine series you used to get in the ’70’s.  Remember those?