Oggi! Oggi! Oggi! Oy! Oy! Oy!

Oggi scribo in Italiano per che ho una lettora Italiana che ha commentato sopra mi blog.

OK that’s enough of that.  My Italian is rudimentary at the best of times and traslochi vibo valentia will have to tell me if any of the above makes sense.  To be honest the only bit I’m sure of is oggi, which I know means ‘today’.

And how do I know this?  Well, from an evening class which I took several years back.  Which reminds me, there’s a restaurant on London Rd called Oggi, and last summer I thought it’d be fun to go there for our wedding anniversary meal.  As Mark was heading off into town I asked him to take a look at the menu.  He came back looking puzzled.

‘Well?’ I demanded.

‘It’s not there any more.  I walked all down London Rd and there was no sign of it.’

That’s weird, I thought.  It was there last week.  I’d described exactly where it was so he could hardly have failed to spot it.  So anyway, a few days later I was heading that way myself – and guess what?  Yep, there it was, bold as brass.  Oggi.

Sadly that was after our wedding anniversary so we still haven’t been there.  But whenever I hear the word Oggi I think about that.

So, what was I going to blog about today?  I had a whole post planned but now it’s gone out of my mind.  This is what happens when you get diverted.  Well, I must confess that for the last few days I’ve been doing very little except going out for walks and then sitting on my backside watching ‘Friends’ and eating chocolate.  Today we went into town trying to get a birthday present for Daniel and failing.  We have until Saturday to find what we’re looking for.  But I did spent all the tokens I got for Christmas.  I bought a pile of books and – something I’ve wanted for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAges – a box-set of the Rebus series; the one with Ken Stott, not the ones with John Hannah.

So since everything I wanted to say has gone out of my mind (as have I) all I can think of is to ask whether, when drunk, you have walked down the street with one of you chanting ‘Oggy oggy oggy!’ and the others replying ‘Oi, oi, oi!’

Have you?

Chris and Peter, you need not reply.  I know you have – I was there.

Kirk out