Nineteen years ago I was having a lump removed from my abdomen: that lump is now taller than me and can play several types of stringed instruments.  Yes, it’s Daniel’s birthday – and to add to his collection of electric bass, electric guitar and ukulele, we have bought him a Spanish guitar.  He is very pleased with it and no longer has to borrow his sister’s.

Nineteen is a very resonant number, I think.  It’s not one of the significant birthdays like eighteen or twenty-one, but there’s the song about Vietnam veterans, and then there’s Mark’s online handle, nineteenthly (see https://lizardyoga.wordpress.com/why-nineteenthly/) and of course there’s the impossible score in the game of cribbage.  So happy resonant birthday Daniel, and enjoy your resonant present.

LOL.  Tonight we will be having pizza, courtesy of Holly.  Thanks Holly!

Kirk out