Your Starter For Ten: Who or What is a Kardashian?

In this household we are quite ignorant of celebrity culture.  I don’t really care about this one way or the other but it does leave you feeling a bit out of the loop sometimes.  For example, when I watch Celebrity Mastermind I have no idea who three-quarters of the contestants are.

Mind you, they’re a limited breed on this programme: three parts TV presenter to one part sports ‘personality’ with the occasional actor thrown in – the only people I’ve recognised in recent months are Johnny Ball (whose general knowledge was shocking) and Tim Bentinck.  And the questions they ask are so elementary: even my dear Watson could answer them.

Which reminds me – at weekends I’ve been re-watching an ‘eighties version of Sherlock with Jeremy Brett.  It has lasted well: Brett is excellent as a Holmes who seems to smell everything out and David Burke as a much more intelligent Watson than we have been used to.

Knocks Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce into a cocked – er – deerstalker.

So, I was commenting this morning that I know little of the Kardashians except the name, to which Thingy replied ‘I think it’s Armenian.’  Then he exclaimed: ‘I love the Armenian alphabet!  It’s awesome: I’ve had a thing about it since I was eleven.’

Don’t ever watch University Challenge in this house, either.  The answer to every question is, ‘well, duh!’

Kirk out