What Is Truly Jihad?

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Crushing Stereotypes #2

There has been a lot of misconception on the doctrine of Jihad which made me write this post. First and foremost the concept of Jihad is NOT what terrorist groups make it seem like.

Jihad literally means ‘to struggle’. This struggle is always for the sake of Allah but it in turn profits humanity, or yourself in the sense that you get closer to God. When I asked a friend of mine for her opinion on Jihad, she said that she performs it everyday when waking up to perform the morning prayer.

Jihad is also performed when you give up your desires for the sake of God. For instance, Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol and if you give up drinking alcohol for the sake of God, then you have performed Jihad. Jihad is one of the greatest merits a person could achieve and you do not…

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