Dead Floral Dance

Gosh, they’re dropping like flies at the moment aren’t they?  First David Bowie, then Alan Rickman, then Lemmy from Motorhead and now the Prince of Charm himself, the leader of the Blarney Army, Terry Wogan, is the latest to succumb.

What can one say?  Mark’s response was that we need a version of The Floral Dance in a minor key.  Sadly I don’t think anyone has recorded this so you’ll just have to imagine it.

It was hard to dislike Wogan.  I never really went for his anodyne wink-at-the-camera style, but I couldn’t really summon up any strong feelings about him.  He was pleasant, he was uniformly charming, and he was there – in a career which matched only the shudderingly awful Bruce Forsyth’s in longevity.  Sadly Brucie is still going.

Have to go now as I have a busy day.  Happy Mondays, happy February.

Kirk out

PS  This just in – actor Frank Finlay has also died: he was 89 apparently.  I remember him from the ’70’s – a very stylish and accomplished performer.

RIP all.