Deal or No Big Deal?

The other day I happened to be at the hospital with a friend.  Having negotiated the building site that is the modern LRI and avoided being run over by ambulances, we visited the WRVS café.  Now, I have nothing but respect for the women (and men) who run these services at a fraction of the cost of the other franchises available, but on this particular day we ran into somebody rather like this woman:

Our order was fairly simple: two drinks and an Eccles cake.  We already had the cake, so all she had to do was organise a peppermint tea and a coffee.  Could she do it?  Nope.  She ordered two teas, then two coffees, then a hot chocolate and something else and completely flipped when we reminded her about the Eccles cake.  As for ringing the order up on the till, that was obviously way beyond her powers.  My friend went and sat down and I did a lot of yoga breathing until we finally got it all sorted out.  After consuming our purchases we went down to the waiting room.

Now, since nobody can be expected to sit in a waiting room without the TV being on, and since I hadn’t brought anything to read, my eye kept being drawn to the Noel Edmonds money-teaser Deal or No Deal.  I have no idea how it works and no interest in finding out; however, watching it with the sound down was quite fascinating.  It seemed to revolve around a young woman choosing boxes with different amounts of money in them and either winning or losing that money; being cheered or commiserated with accordingly, hugged by other players, consoled as she wiped away a tear at losing money she never had in the first place; cheering and jumping up and down if she got it back again and being guided through the whole grizzly process by an unflappable Noel Edmonds.  I have to admit it’s hard to dislike Noel: like Wogan, he’s likeable and genuine – but the programme!  Hugs, tears, applause, emotional highs and lows – I half-expected a message to come up at the end saying ‘have you been affected by any of the issues on this programme?  Support is available – just go to…’

And already it’s Friday and I have spent a profitless morning in the library because I forgot my pen-drive.  Some days I just can’t be confronted by a blank page.  So that’s it for today.  Have you been affected by any of the issues in this blog?  If so please log on to

Wow!  Apparently that’s a real site!  Who knew?

And by the way, other blogs are available…

Kirk out