It Takes a Month to Walk a Mile

Before you judge someone they say you should walk a mile in their shoes, right?  So I thought, OK – before I judge the billionaire banker I should walk a mile in his shoes.  (Or hers – except it’s much more likely to be a him.)  Shouldn’t take long, I thought – since I walk a mile or two every day and six on Saturdays.

It took a month.  This guy never walks anywhere!  He takes a few steps from his car to the lift; then, since the lift opens right into his office, he walks from the lift to his desk.  He never has to fetch coffee or walk to the photocopier so the furthest he goes in any day is from his desk to the private toilet in the corner of the room.  If he has meetings elsewhere he gets back in the lift, up to the helipad and away to another building where a similar lift takes him into the conference room: that’s if the whole thing isn’t done on skype in the first place.  Then in the evening a car takes him to a restaurant and on to a club before returning him to the penthouse suite and practically throwing him into bed.  That adds up to about a hundred yards a day!

Now, I know what you’re thinking – someone with that sort of lifestyle will visit the gym once in a while.  And so he does; but he does weights!  No paltry little weights for this guy, either: he doesn’t get out of bed for less than a thousand pounds.  A hundred bicep curls and already his wallet is rock-hard and bulging.

So there you have it – a month to walk a mile.

Kirk out