As We Speak

As I write this I am in the library waiting for my interview.  The little bunnies are jumping in my stomach but they’re not too boisterous today and on the whole I feel fairly calm.  Maybe this is because I’ve been to the Peace Café.  If you haven’t been here, you should: it’s a lovely building on Guildhall Lane with a large meditation room containing the only statue of the Buddha that IS haven’t blown up yet and a very restful café.  I had a pot of tea and wrote my diary.

I’m back now.  The interview went as well as could be expected.  I don’t think I screwed up on anything although my photo failed to load onto the interactive whiteboard and so I was forced to resort to stick figures; however it didn’t seem to matter.  Everything else went fine except that I expressed a less than fulsome enthusiasm for Ofsted – but what do they expect?  I’m only human.  And I should hear tomorrow, which will be good.

After that if I’m accepted I may get work in one of several departments, so we shall see.

Kirk out