Interesting Times?

Well, it’s been an interesting 24 hrs.  Sadly I have to report that I didn’t get the job at LAEC: apparently lack of Ofsted experience was the reason. I have always regarded lack of Ofsted experience in the same light as lack of experience in being mugged; something I’m quite relieved to have (or not to have).  But even though the micro-teaching went very well; even though they were impressed with my teaching skills, my IT skills and all my other answers, apparently my failure to engage with Ofsted – and apparently, to praise them fulsomely – weighed heavily against me.  I think I made my mistake when I said that I’d heard a lot of teachers’ experiences of being inspected and the interviewer said, ‘All good, I hope,’ and I thought she was joking.  I honestly did – so I said ‘well, I think I should answer with a no comment.’  And then I realised she was serious!

According to my inside sources, the college are gearing up for an inspection so there’s a lot of nervousness around, meaning that they are more likely to go with a candidate who has Ofsted experience.

Ah well.  It clarified where they are and where I am, and I guess that’s valuable.  I can’t say I want to break my winning streak as far as Ofsted’s concerned…

Onwards and upwards, people!

Kirk out