Oh Fugit!

My, my – how tempus doth fugit and already it’s five days since my last confession – er, blog post.  Well, since we last corresponded spring has most definitely sprung!  I was out in the garden in a green dress doing a spring dance first thing on Saturday morning and then I danced over to De Montfort University where the annual small publishing-fest, States of Independence, was taking place.  It is interesting to talk to small publishers, to find out their output and submission requirements as well as just seeing what’s out there.  They also have a number of talks throughout the day and I went to one on poems for refugees and another on Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth press – both very interesting.  I saw a number of people I knew including Tony and Christine but alas! as always I failed to find OH.  This happens every year – we go separately and we never find each other.  If only there were some kind of – oh, I don’t know – hand-held telephonic device that people could use to find each other in these situations…


I had to leave States of Independence early in order to rendezvous with friends at the Salmon.  This was the first Leicester pub I ever went in, due to its being within striking distance of the bus station; it has recently been renovated and as a bonus there was a beer festival featuring a number of different brews from East Sussex.  How they came to have beers only from that region I never discovered but I enjoyed what I had: a ruby mild, a darker mild and a heady and vertiginous brew called Beachy Head.  I enjoyed the pub itself as well; there was a friendly atmosphere and although the rugby was on in the other bar the sport didn’t dominate the entire pub.

After that it was over to Peter’s for dinner.

Sunday was Quaker meeting as usual, after which I invited a friend for lunch only to discover I was out of soup.  Bread and cheese it is then… and Sunday evening the usual falling asleep over the telly.  And that was the weekend.

This morning I have had a request from an organisation making steel bottles which gives all their profits to water charities.  They want me to record some poems.  Sounds good to me, so I am now dusting off my old Sing for Water poems:

Gosh, I look so much younger then!  And it was only three years ago!

Kirk out