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This post is for everyone who has read or, like me attempted to read, zerothly’s blog (  I have been telling him for ever that his posts are too long but he says he can’t make them any shorter.  I suggested that having written a post he should take the first sentence of every paragraph and just publish that.  Since he has so far declined to do this, here is my redaction of his most recent post.

God or the Multiverse

If you don’t believe in parallel universes, you have to believe in God.

That’s overstated of course

There is a force binding atomic nuclei together, because they are composed of particles called protons with the same charge which would ping apart otherwise.  

Gravity is a very weak force.

Conversely, there seems to be something causing space to expand. 

If there were two dimensions, again gravity and the other forces would all be too strong at a distance.

Considering these and a number of other facts, it begins to look as if we live in a carefully designed universe, which is annoying because it suggests to the Western mind that there is a God. 

I personally happen to believe in God, but I strongly dislike the idea of a “God of the gaps” as this kind of idea is referred to. 

Due to all that, in purely scientific terms, looking at an explanation for phenomena and the way the Universe works, I have a lot more in common with many atheists than I have with many theists, an uncomfortable position for someone to hold who is aware that there is a God, as I often put it. 

However, is this really true?  We happen to be carbon-based life forms living on a planet with liquid water on its surface and a corrosive gas in its atmosphere which we unaccountably breathe.

Leaving that aside though and sticking to life as we know it, it does seem that there have to be parallel universes if you don’t believe in God.  

Back to parallel universes.  Most of this Universe is a void. 

There are spurts of detail separated by long intervals of emptiness, and the Universe is like this too when you “zoom in” on it, as is demonstrated by the Powers Of Ten video.  

The fine-tuning of the Universe suggests that we are on a similar island of detail surrounded by empty and boring parallel universes.

Some of the differences, though, would be unsustainable even if they seemed not to be.

Hence universes in which anything goes, more specifically just one thing which looks like a small, sustainable change but in fact has all sorts of ramifications, are rare. 

Improbable things do happen all the time though.

To conclude then, if you don’t believe in God or some other organising principle to the Universe, you basically have to believe in parallel universes. 

OK there it is.  Now, what do you think?  Does it make sense?  I think it does – albeit with some gaps.  You get the gist anyway, and far better than trying to read the whole thing.

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