No Ronnies at All…

I’ve just caught the news that the one remaining Ronnie, Corbett of that ilk, has died aged 85.  He reminded me of my Dad a little, in that they were both short (though my Dad was not quite as short as Ronnie), both dark-haired and both with a self-deprecating demeanour.  I liked Ronnie Corbett a lot – in fact he was pretty impossible to dislike – and admired his ability to spin out a bad joke into a good monologue by the incessant use of asides.  I shall miss him: it was only the other day that I posted the video of his brilliant ‘Orange’ sketch which he executed quite as well as anything he’d done earlier in life.

Here’s a quick BBC tribute in the form of a whistle-stop tour of his career.  Prepare for more tributes, plus a repeat of 25 years of The Two Ronnies…

Kirk out


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