Never Mind Wally – Where’s Nigel?

There was a time, not too long ago either, when you couldn’t move for Farage.  Farage was everywhere: he was on the radio and the TV, he was in the papers; people were even talking about him on social media, if only to complain at his ubiquity.  You couldn’t turn on the news or Question Time/Any Questions or a parliamentary debate without hearing those throaty, strident tones berating his opponents and lashing out at his bete noire, the EU.  At the best of times Farage sounded like a used-car salesman turned Radio Five DJ.  You could just imagine him on ‘Top Gear’, too… but whatever you thought of him, he wasn’t shy of publicity.

Which makes the current situation all the odder.  I mean, for a man who leads the country’s only party dedicated to leaving the EU, this is surely someone whose time has come, isn’t it?  He ought to be centre-stage, telling everyone why we need to leave, shouldn’t he?  So where is he?  Why aren’t we hearing those frog-like tones any more?  And why is it up to the likes of Gove and Johnson to tell us why life won’t be worth living if we vote ‘Yes’?

If you know of the whereabouts of Nigel Farage please let us know.  Or alternatively you could just leave him where he is…

Kirk out


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2 responses to “Never Mind Wally – Where’s Nigel?

  1. I have wondered about this too. I have at least two theories………firstly, he doesnt want to have to work alongside the established members of parliament that have joined the LEAVE group. Alternatively, he might sway the voters to vote leave and then he will have no job, and no reason for a public voice anymore, so that in fact, he does really want the gravy train to continue rolling. However, his silence is dooming him either way as , if we vote to stay people will recall his silence when it mattered and nver vote for him again………, in a nutshell…………..Farage is Fuxxxd!

    shame. I quite like him , in a similar way that i dont like Boris.

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