Massive Disappointment for Corbyn as Labour Only Win in England and Wales…

There’s a satirical site often seen on Facebook called Newsthump which is beginning to seem less like satire and more like real life:

and sadly the Beeb’s coverage of yesterday’s elections could be straight out of Newsthump.  I am heartily sick of how they’ve gone for Corbyn with every ounce of editorial energy; how they’ve made the story about him and interviewed just about everyone who hates and fears the man, but I have blogged about this before so I won’t go on and on.  However, it was disappointing to see a paper which had the good sense to quote me the other day (see previous post) joining in and, instead of giving the results for England and Wales (where Labour did well) focussing instead on their defeat in Scotland.

A weasel with half a brain could have forecast that they’d do badly in Scotland: every erstwhile Labour voter is now understandably voting for the SNP whilst everyone else was a Tory anyway.  So that is definitely a ‘well, duh!’ result.  But they are way ahead of the other parties in England and Wales and I don’t care what anyone says; that is a clear validation of Corbyn’s leadership.  So there, nah!

Anyway, sighs of relief all round.  We don’t know about the London mayor yet but it looks as if Zap Brannigan – sorry, Zach Goldsmith – won’t make it.  So we’ll have to put up with that terrorist guy instead…


3 thoughts on “Massive Disappointment for Corbyn as Labour Only Win in England and Wales…

  1. The Tories are no more popular in Scotland than they have been for the last forty-odd years- but they may become the ‘main’ opposition party there because, as you say, the Labour vote has collapsed. In practice, this won’t mean much, though.

    Nationally, it looks bleak for Labour, as it will be a dead duck in the south come 2020 (too many prosperous people who will be scared of Corbyn, assuming he’s still there) and won’t be able to count on Scottish seats to make up a majority. It’s very difficult to see how another Labour government can arise…

    But the London Mayoralty makes me more optimistic: good to see that a major capital can elect as its leader a secular Muslim who supports gay marriage.

    1. It is difficult. But then, it was difficult to see how Corbyn could be elected leader – and yet here we are. I shall reserve judgment until the event

  2. its amazing isnt it. Corbyn against the odds, wins labour leadership. London elects a muslim as mayor, and Leicester City win the premier league. There must be something in the water.

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