Surprise me, darling – but just let me know when you’re going to do it…

So this morning I was moaning, as I often do, about being hungry.  It goes like this: I’m sitting up in bed drinking tea and listening to the radio.  Or more usually trying to listen to the radio through Mark’s ranting about the news.  This particular morning I was following the coverage of Sadiq Kahn’s very welcome election to the post of London Mayor and thinking a) how good it was to have a London mayor and b) how it would give the lie to all sorts of Islamophobia to have a Muslim mayor.  It almost neutralises the highly unwelcome news, the almost unbelievable news, that the Republican party have had the idiocy to select Trump for the nomination.  The guy is a joke, but a very bad one – a worse one, in many ways, than Reagan; and I remember only too well what that was like…

Sheer brilliance.  But the Trump story is beyond satire: I simply don’t know what we do with it.  I mean, it comes to something when even the Tory Prime Minister insults the Republican nominee.

But onwards and upwards.  As I said, this morning I was suffering the usual breakfast dialogue which goes like this:

I’m hungry.  

But I can’t have breakfast yet.  First I have to get up, then have a wash, put on some clothes, do my yoga and boil an egg.  

I can’t be bothered.  I’ll stay in bed for a while.

But I’m hungry….

It goes round and round like the song ‘There’s a Hole in my Bucket’ which I used to sing as a child.

I learned it from my Dad, who was a fund of songs – not religious ones as you might expect, but popular tunes like ‘Clementine’.

Anyway, I eventually heaved my reluctant brain out of bed, washed its front fascia and slung on some clothes.  I was about to unroll my yoga mat when OH popped his head round the door.  ‘Your breakfast’s nearly ready,’ he said.

He’d made me breakfast as a surprise.  ‘If I’d known you were going to surprise me I wouldn’t have got up,’ I said.

It was sweet of him though…

And the egg was perfect.

Kirk out


3 thoughts on “Surprise me, darling – but just let me know when you’re going to do it…

  1. improbable isnt impossible……… i said on my last blog…….were you not listening? hahahhahahahahaha……..surprised you eat eggs, thought you were vegans?

    1. I am not, and never have been, vegan. I said that in my post ages ago. Were you not paying attention? Lol

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