A Blue Poem for a Blue Day

I have created poetry on any number of themes: political, personal, polemical, environmental, philosophical, science-fictional, locational and literary.  I have written parodies and hymnodies, feminist ripostes and meditative ponderings – but the one thing I have never yet done is to write a poem about football.  But now I have.  The odds against me taking an interest were almost as great as the odds against Leicester winning – and yet these things did come to pass.  So here is a taste of the poem – though not the whole thing, as I’m hoping the Mercury will publish it, and maybe even the Guardian as well.

Singing the Blues

I’ve never been a City-Fox

or a soccer freak.

When a match is on the box

it might as well be Greek;

Cos soccer soars above my head

and straight into the net –

if football’s an infection

I haven’t caught it yet…

but something got a hold of me

when I heard Leicester’s story

when I found out how close our city

had approached to glory.

That’s all for now.  I’ll keep you posted.  Have a blue day