Art-house: Extraordinary Art in Ordinary Houses

The annual Art-house exhibition has just closed (as of ten minutes ago).  In previous years I haven’t managed to look properly at this demonstration of local art in local houses but this year I pushed the boat out (almost literally, given the amount of rain) and made it to every house on the list.  About a dozen homes in our area opened their doors to showcase local artists of different persuasions: painters, sculptors, crafters, print-makers, card-makers, jewellery makers and woodcutters.  It’s a very interesting selection and although I didn’t like everything I have to say there was not a bullshitty installation in sight: even the abstracts were paintings I could relate to.  I had some good conversations; one with an artist whose inspiration comes from computer graphics and who uses the pixellated images in his final renderings of oil on canvas – and today I chatted to a sculptor who had some lovely and very tactile pots made of plaster casts dipped in slip and then glazed.  I love pots, especially pots you can touch: this house is full of my (admittedly imperfect) efforts and I especially like the fact that it’s art you can use every day.  There was one woman who had carved a load of spoons and bowls: I asked her how she achieved such a smooth surface with only a chisel and she said rather sniffily that practise makes perfect.  It was intended as a compliment but I’ve observed that some people don’t like you asking about their techniques.  So I moved on…

Anyway, if you didn’t make it, here’s what you missed:

I’m all alone today because Thing is in Loughborough.  Still, it’s my birthday on Wednesday and I’ve just received a very exciting present in the post!!!

Kirk out