Happy Bloomsday, Happy Birthday and a Great Pair of Shoes

Here are two of yesterday’s highlights: a card hand-made by Daniel and some DM’s sent by Holly.  I have been wanting DM’s for years, so that was great, and the card was excellent.  In the evening we went to Mirch Marsala where for once I departed from tradition and had a Mexican dish.  It was delicious.  And so to the Phoenix where we saw ‘The Daughter,’ a film based on an Ibsen play.  It was a bit odd, and slightly dull in parts if I’m honest:


But a good evening.  And today is Bloomsday, a time for celebrating Joyce’s masterpiece in which all the action takes place on one day.  Would that it only took one day to read it…


So, in between writing these posts and revising a novel, I take time out to do crosswords.  Cryptic puzzles are excellent for stimulating the creative mind and particularly for writing poetry as they focus on how words are put together; synonyms, backwards words, mixed-up words and homophones all feature regularly too.  But sometimes, no matter how long I look at it, I fail utterly.  For example, with this clue:

woodworker’s supporter observed taking addictive drug (3-5)

Woodworker was easy as ‘saw’ fits with ‘observed.’  But the rest?  Not a clue.  I had to google in the end, whereupon I discovered that not only is a saw-horse a support structure, but ‘horse’ is slang for heroin.  Who knew?

I didn’t.  The other week the Times had a clue for bedding, to which the answer was ‘ticking’.  What?  Ticking?  What the hell is that?

Sometimes I think they just make words up.

Kirk out

PS I was going to blog about the referendum but I just cba





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4 responses to “Happy Bloomsday, Happy Birthday and a Great Pair of Shoes

  1. Snap:-) My purple DMs are four years old and still going strong. Glad you had a good day.

  2. What? DM? What the hell is that? ‘Don’t mind’ according to Google.

    Spock out

  3. Sarada Gray

    Seriously, Spock? Earthlings are very attached to their Doc Marten boots

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