My Two Euros?

OK since the silence on Europe following Jo Cox’s tragic murder, has ended, here are my thoughts on Europe.

I don’t know what the financial implications are whether we leave or remain.  Neither does anyone else.

I don’t know what trading agreements we may or may not have: neither does anyone else.

I don’t know whether we will be better or worse off monetarily in either case.  Neither does anyone else.

There are too many imponderables in this debate; too many grey areas and far, far too many outlandish claims on both sides of the debate.

But I will say this:

  1.  It’s my belief that if we are outside Europe we will be open to far greater influence from the US.  And with Trump looming in the wings, that would be a nightmare.
  2. The Brexit side have fought very dirty; stirring up the worst fears and inciting xenophobia.  Farage’s poster was the last straw for many, including Baroness Warsi:
  3. On balance – and it is a balance – I believe that workers’ rights and human rights in general will be better protected if we remain.
  4. There has been a great deal of misinformation on both sides but probably more on the Brexit side.  They have persistently referred to the EU as ‘unelected’, forgetting that we elect Euro-MPs every few years.  Maybe they don’t bother to vote in those elections.
  5. the idea of ‘going it alone’ is a fantasy.  Much of the Brexit campaign seems to hark back to a nostalgia for colonial times when Britain was a power in the world.  That time has gone.  We are now a small outpost of Europe.  We belong to Europe geographically and culturally; it makes sense to belong politically and economically.
  6. er
  7. that’s it.  Get out and vote.  But vote remain.

Kirk out

One thought on “My Two Euros?

  1. I agree with all of that. Noamh Chomsky pithily made the point that a Britain outside the EU would be ‘eve more…subordinate (his diplomatic choice of word) to the U.S.A. than it is at present.’ Warning enough, I think!

    And the people behind Brexit are all to a man (and a woman) ideological right-wingers (that includes Labour MPs Kate Hoey and Gisela Stuart), if they are not out and out racists/xenophobes and fascists.

    Dennis Skinner has given some left-wing reasons for voting Leave, but to listen to him you’d think he was still living in 1975 (maybe he is – he has the excellent excuse of living in North Derbyshire).

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