Land of Hop and Glory

Today I’m sad.  I’m sad not only because we lost but because of the reasons why we lost.  I’m sad because many people (not all) seem to have been swayed by xenophobia and the illusion that Britain can ‘go it alone’ – a glorious ship sailing clear island waters unfettered by the mainland.  I’m sad because there’s a nastiness about this referendum (and not all on one side) that I don’t remember before, even in the Thatcher years.  And I’m sad because I don’t know where we go from here.  Wounds must be healed, and with people like Farage and Johnson doing a victory dance all over the place, that’s going to be hard.

I’m not proud to be British today.  I’m ashamed of the way we’ve fought this referendum, and I’m ashamed of the result.

Kirk out (but voted In)