Weapons of Mass – Oo look, a talking duck!

OMG.  That is all I can say about what’s coming out of the Chilcot enquiry.  I wondered whether, after all this time, it would be a damp squid (yes, that’s what I said) but far from it – if BBC reports are to be believed it does everything short of calling Blair a liar.  There were no weapons of mass distraction (yes, that’s what I said) he should have asked more questions and told more people and discussed it with ministers and oh my god, everything we thought at the time was true, was in fact true.  All this while Blair bleats from the sidelines ‘don’t call me a liar.  I didn’t know!’  Yeah, right.  Is it me or is he starting to sound really panicky?

Just returned from a delightful week in Sheringham where I swam, walked the coast path, visited a 14th century church, travelled on the steam trains and cycled to Blakeney and back getting black mud up to the ankles (don’t ask.)  The weather was not even bad.  Then on Sunday to Andy’s where I picked up a couple of books including Bill Bryson’s excellent ‘Notes from a Small Island’ which made me laugh out loud so many times it’s a wonder I don’t have stomach ache.  The only joke I can remember is about him hiring a Ford Thesaurus.  His love for our country is truly touching.  Plus, I know someone who knows him as they are both supporters of the Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England.  She’s German and he’s American.


Kirk out



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