We’ll Always Have Burgos

You know that line from Casablanca where Humphrey Bogart says to Ingrid Bergman ‘We’ll always have Paris’?  Well, when we are facing trials and tribulations Mark and I always say to each other, ‘We’ll always have Burgos.’  And now this line has been immortalised in literary form.  Oh all right then – in literary mug form… you know those mugs you can buy with facsimile Penguin book covers on?  I used to have one with ‘A Room of One’s Own’ which lived up at the chalet.  But alas, it broke, taking a piece of my heart with it – and so I remained bereft of literary mugs.  Until now.  For the people making these have gone one further and you can now make up your own novel title and author and have it printed on a mug.  So as a present for Thing and me, I got two of these:


Thing was overjoyed to get them, even though my master plan to have them delivered to Loughborough backfired when the postman managed to deliver them during the one hour a day when they are out of the house, necessitating a trip to the post office where, since they were addressed to me, I had to show up in person with ID.

Anyway, we will always have Burgos.  Though we may not always have these mugs…

Kirk out

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