The Death of Magic

Here’s my latest poem, which asks the question, ‘What would it be like if magic was dead and all the Harry Potter characters had to make a life in the Muggle world?’

The Death of Magic

Can a Boggart

eat a yoghurt

as it finds its form?

That would be Riddikulus

and far outside the norm.


And could Dementors

be presenters

on the BBC?

They’d have a problem speaking

with those mouths of mystery.


And if half-giants

in defiance

took to selling cars?

Would you buy a used one

from a bearded man with scars?


If Voldemort was stacking shelves

and Dumbledore Prime Minister

who would need the house-elves?

Who would then be sinister?


If Snape cast off his darkling frown

and left to run a sweet-shop.

if George became a circus clown,

if Filch became a street-cop;

if Arthur Weasley managed banks

and Ron was a celebrity

and Grainger, H. an academic

as was clearly meant to be;

if Peeves was Jeeves and Dobby, gobby;

if Molly won the lottery

if Vernon Dursley cast a spell –

who then would Harry Potter be?

(c) Sarada Gray, 2016

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