Honey I Deflated my Clothes

I am in a pre-Welsh state today, packing what can be packed and listing what cannot yet be packed as well as wondering whether what I will finally have packed is at all feasible as I have to carry some on my back and drag the rest behind me.  Fortunately I won’t have to carry and drag it far because at one end I have the lovely Thing to help me and at the other end I am being met by sister-plus-car.  So all I really have to do is negotiate getting on and off trains, plus a wait in Birmingham en route.

I have shrunk all my clothes in one of those vacuum packs which by the judicious application of hoover, shrinks a bag of adult-sized items to the size of doll’s clothes and later with a whooshing of air restores them to their original size.  (I wish it had the same effect on weight as it does on size, as even a shrunken bag of clothes can weigh an unfeasible amount.)  These vacuum bags are very useful when they work; but they have one fatal flaw – to whit, the seal.  If you have the slightest tear anywhere they simply sit there and re-inflate; and as with all inflatable (and deflatable) things, it is next to impossible to find the leak.

However, all is in hand.  My ticket is bought, my novel is planned and I’m super-ready for eight weeks of vegging, walking and writing.  Can’t wait!  Please note that whilst I will have internet access I cannot be contacted via mobile as there is no coverage.

I shall probably post copiously on here, however.

See you in December!

Kirk out

PS  Oh, and I’ve just realised I didn’t mention why I’m going.  My sister and husband (hers, not mine) are going to be in Mexico mending a boat, so I am house-sitting and looking after dogs.  My biggest challenge will be the wood-burning AGA – watch this space!