Who ARE These People?

So I’m asking myself the same question I did after Brexit: who are these people that voted for it?  It’s too easy to say they’re all racists and homophobes – I’m sure they aren’t – but in their minds or guts or hearts or whatever there was some kind of override switch.  No matter what appalling things Mr T said, it didn’t matter.  He doesn’t mean it, they told themselves.  He wants to build a wall!  Aw, bless!  Like he’s some little toddler organising teddies in a playpen.  Nobody I’ve read about is very coherent on why they voted for him.  Sure there were some folks cheering and whooping about Mexicans and ‘the wall’ and ‘illegal rapists’ (like there’s a legal kind)* and some who probably would quite like to bring back slavery; but they can’t all be like that, can they?

I’m sure they aren’t.  I’m sure they’re decent folks.  But as the old saying goes, for evil to prosper it suffices for good men and women to ignore what Trump says.  OK I’m paraphrasing but that’s the gist of it here.  I won’t say the man is evil but his policies sure are and his actions have been and I could go on and on about how he has the self-control of a two-year-old (it’s tempting to wonder whether dictators want power over others because they have none over themselves; Caligula comes to mind) but that has already been said by others, over and over.  Oh, and because he’s not a career politician and nobody trusts politicians any more.  I can get on board with that – but for god’s sake, why trust a businessman?  In the end it just seems that folk had a common-sense bypass and nothing could prevail against the mantra ‘Make America great again’.  Just as over here nothing prevailed over the mantra ‘take back control’.

When do I get to take back control?

Kirk out

*Mr T himself, we assume.  But it’s OK because he’s white and he’ll pass on his white genes and not those nasty brown ones.